Brochure Design & Printing

Brochure Design & Printing

Brochure Design

Price: $100 2-page design (8.5x 11) / $150 4-pages design (11×18)

Client provide base information for design (personal photos, contact information, Main Color + Off Color)
Graphic designer will draft a copy for the client and revise up to three times based on customer feedback.

Brochure Printing

Price: $1.5 per 4-page sheet (11×18) / $2.25per/Hardcover sheet

Good quality 80LB paper with rich color print from our associated print shop for the best price.

Brochure Print Out delivery:

Price: $12 – $20 (depending on city)

Have the prints delivered to your desired address. The shipment may take one additional day to arrive.
Different cities charges may vary.



If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with us.