We Make

We do design/photo/video
Ok, so you are thinking about creating a project.

Here are the steps that we go through to help our client create the most powerful videos EFFECTIVELY.

  • You and your team come up with a basic written storyboard(doesn’t have to be long, but please be clear) of the video you want to make and send it to our email(info@opopmedia.com, please include your name and phone number in email).
  • Our professional team will discuss and try to figure out what is the best package and reply you as soon as possible!
  • Upon knowing what we can offer, should you decide to work with us, we will have a meeting to go through all the documentations and collect deposits.
  • Depending on the project scale, we will go into pre-production or straight to production on a timely manner.
  • Usually a medium sized project could take us from 2-6 weeks for the post production, during post production, we will have a preview rendered for your feedback.
  • You have one editing revision to the video please list everything that you want us to refine in written form.
  • Then in the final delivery you can choose to either have it sent through online or in a DVD.